The app that brings you the absolute BEST deals! Why are they the BEST?

  1. They are LOCAL to you!
  2. They are 100% FREE (NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!)

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How I can get FREE stuff?

WhutsFree works with businesses in your local area to find great offers that are 100% FREE. Then, we make those great deals available to you through our mobile app.


Using your GPS location or zip code, WhutsFree finds great FREE offers that are extremely LOCAL to you!


Browse the available FREE LOCAL offers and select any one that interests you.


Travel to the local business and show the cashier your redeemed coupon (on your cell phone) to receive your FREE item.

Wait! This sounds too good to be true!

How can we, at WhutsFree, make something like this possible? Well, we are glad you asked! It takes three important groups of people to make this work!

Group 1: Our Sponsors

Because of the wonderful support of our LOCAL sponsors, we are able to find and bring these INCREDIBLE FREE and LOCAL deals to you! They are your local community’s REAL Heroes!

Please make sure that you thank your local sponsor for what they are doing to GIVE BACK to their community in such an AMAZING way!

Group 2: Our Local Business Owners

These are the awesome people who are actually giving away a FREE LOCAL item or service with absolutely NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! They are offering this to help you get to know their business and products better.

But, we hope that while you are there, you will consider spending some money with them as well. It isn’t required, but always very much appreciated!

Group 3: You!

This great concept won’t work unless you download the app and take advantage of these great FREE LOCAL offers. And then, SHARE THE HECK OUT OF IT! Let ALL of your friends and family members know that they need to download our app and start getting great LOCAL FREE offers, too!

And, if we are not in their local area yet, let us know that they want us to get there SOON!

Coming soon to an area near you!

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